Promotional Tools


Effective Promotional Tools
Our custom made products can add marketing effect and lasting impact to your campaign. We offer a variety of innovative options to deliver your custom content, whether it is a simple PDF catalog or a dazzling Flash Presentation.

Standard Preload
Preload the data or files into Flash drive and your customer can access it at will.

Menu-Prompt Autorun
Windows’ default menu-prompt will feature a custom option and pointing the users to access the content.

AutoPlay Autorun*
Auto-run your advertisement or flash file when the USB flash drive is plugged in. Your USB Flash Drives can be preloaded to any executable file and can be synchronized to perform a variety of auto-run functions using your exact specifications. Your Flash Drives can even be programmed to load your company homepage.

Non-Erasable Content
Preload your files or data into flash drive which is non-erasable.

Icon Creation
Customized your icon to replace the default drive icon.